Rope Access Electricians Brisbane

IRATA Qualified Rope Access Electricians

All of 5th Star Services’ licensed electricians are IRATA qualified rope access technicians. When not doing rope access work they work as electricians for 5th Star.

5th Star’s rope access technicians can access all areas on a building or construction site. Many of the projects our rope access electricians  are called out for include those where a boom lift cannot reach the required height, or where access via a boom lift or cherry picker a road would mean a road would have to be closed or done after hours. In those cases using a rope access electrician becomes a lot more cost effective, safer and less hassle.

Our Rope Access Electricians are qualified to perform a variety of jobs including:

  • High signage repair/installation and replacement
  • High light repair/installation and replacement
  • Stadium pole electrical and lighting
  • Electric blind repair/installation and replacement
  • Oil and gas Ex checking
  • Oil and gas electrical
  • High rise building neon or LED repair/installation and replacement
  • High rise ledge mounted air conditioning
  • We also sub contract to state or national electrical contractors
  • We consult on high work methods,  paths, equipment needed, training required and rescue plans.

5th Stars managing director has been a licensed electrician since 1996 and was first qualified as a IRATA rope access technician in April 1998.

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